Holistic Body Detox & Sculpting

Osmosis Body Sculpt & Detox Treatment

Finally a New Holistic Approach to Fat Loss!

Sometimes fat gets a bad reputation, but we need fat cells as they are critical to our overall health and skin. Fat cells contain growth factors, antioxidants, and critical proteins that make the body and skin healthy. So trying to remove, burn, or freeze fat away with techniques such as liposuction or cool-sculpting, is simply the wrong approach. This Holistic Body Detox & Sculpting treatment by Osmosis +Sculpt utilizes a unique method of nano, pico and micro currents to reduce the size of fat cells by eliminating toxins, all while strengthening and engaging the muscle. We believe in the holistic methodology for everything. By taking this holistic approach to fat, not only do we keep the body healthy and natural, we can shrink fat in resistant areas of the body as well as achieve muscle definition and tone. And given the financial and health costs of alternative treatments, you can’t afford NOT to think holistically!

A Little Bit of the Science

Proven research demonstrates that microcurrent increases lipolysis and activates ATP pathways to tone and strengthen muscles. That paired with the +Sculpt proprietary frequencies works to amplify the results. In addition, the +Sculpt machine incorporates patented technology that allows their nano and pico currents to effectively detox the fat. Osmosis +Sculpt proprietary wave technology reaches the fat layers and encourages the purging of toxins to reshape and contour the body.

The Current Trends

One of the classic treatments for fat loss is liposuction which physically removes fat from the body. Again, fat serves a critical role in our body. It turns out that one of the main reasons we gain weight is that our fat cells takes on the responsibility of absorbing toxins in our system, causing them to swell. But to remove or freeze fat cells that our bodies need, is not the answer.

Other treatments including body wraps only temporarily remove water weight, or new fads like cool-sculpting freeze and kill off fat cells that our bodies need. These treatments yield temporary results or, in the case of cool-sculpting, causes the fat cells to come back later in other areas.

Long Lasting Results

With the Osmosis +Sculpt treatment, we’re not just killing fat cells or temporarily removing water weight like other treatments, we’re eliminating toxins and toning muscle for real, long lasting inch loss. We believe that the healthy approach is also the most effective in shaping the contour of your body. We recommend 10 weekly treatments to reach the desired outcome followed by monthly treatments for maximum results.